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ScanGuard Product Range

It’s in the news every day, identity theft, credit card fraud and skimming just to name a few. How do we stop it, or at least take effective action to protect ourselves from these dastardly acts?

ScanGuard is the answer. ScanGuard takes on these challenges to become a leader in the fight against identity theft and credit card fraud. We’ve accomplished this by providing a range of products designed to protect your valuable cards and passports from unauthorised skimming.

For protection against identity theft, credit card fraud, bag snatchers and bag slashers, the ScanGuard range of Anti Theft products has you covered! Our products are sourced from some of the worlds leading travel accessory manufacturers.

All profits raised from the sale of all ScanGuard products help worthwhile charities such as Guide Dogs Queensland, Motor Neurone Disease Australia, Diabetes Australia, The Smith Family, True Blue, Barnardos, and Care Flight.