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ScanGuard Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long do ScanGuard RFID Blocking Sleeves for Credit Cards last ?

A. That will largely depend on how often you use your credit card. ScanGuard RFID Blocking Sleeves are quite robust and will easily stand-up to regular daily use.  They are both water and tear resistant, but are not totally indestructable.

Q. How does all this RFID stuff actually work ?

A. Without getting too technical, the chip in your credit card sends out a radio frequency. When the terminal receives the signal, a connection is made between your card, and the terminal. Certain bits of information are transmitted by the card to the terminal such as your credit/debit card number, the expiry date, and other necessary information so the terminal knows this is a valid credit/debit card and can therefore complete the transaction. When you use one of our ScanGuard RFID Blocking Sleeves on your credit/debit card, these signals are blocked.

Q. What are the ScanGuard RFID Blocking Sleeves for Credit Cards and Passport made from ?

A. They are made using revolutionary a new multi-ply laminate containing a security barrier that provides powerful RFID shielding. It is tear and water resistant.

Q. I have seen leather RFID blocking purses and wallets. Are ScanGuard RFID blocking sleeves any better ?

A. No, the Scanguard sleeve is not any better. Nor is it any worse. In fact, we also offer a range of these sorts of products.

Q. How secure is your payment arrangement ?

A. We use the latest secure banking technology, with Volusion SSL and SecurePay. Our 128-bit encryption is industry-standard and guaranteed. Your information is safe and secure, every time you visit. We provide a range of payment methods including VISA, Mastercard and Paypal to ensure your checkout is smooth.

Q. Can I come by to your office and purchase a pack of sleeves ?

A. Unfortunately, we are not open to the public. We try and keep our costs to a minimum so that we may donate all funds raised to charity. We do not employ staff. We engage the services of volunteers only.

Q. Once I place an order on-line for the purchase of a ScanGuard RFID product, how long will I need to wait for delivery?

A. If you place your order at any time Sunday to Thursday, your order will be processed the next day. If you place your order on either Friday or Saturday, it will not be processed until the following Monday. Depending on your location, the product should arrive within a couple of days via Australia Post. Naturally, allow extra days for Public Holidays.

We welcome your questions, no matter how silly you think they may be. We are talking about protecting your identity. There can be nothing more serious than that. Should you have a question, simply email us at